Comparison sugar cane crop 2018/19 and 2019/20

Comparative overview of sugarcane sowing in Punjab for the year 2018/2019 and 2019/2020
The total cultivable area in Punjab in the season 2018/19 was 859100 hectares ie 2122882 acres and in the season 2019/20 the total cultivable area in Punjab is 661500 hectares, which is 1634602, according to which the area under cultivation in 2019/20 is approximately 23% less then last year. The pajcommodities team did a survey with some local exports a few days ago about the whole of Punjab, in connection with what we observed with the farmers of Punjab who observed that watering in Punjab last year. The reduction was about 47%, whereas in the season 2018/19 there was a shortage of water and the farmers expressed the fact that the crop was less then last year. Where our production per acre was from about 700 mund per acre to 750 mund per acre , but in this year there no short fall of water. sugarcane crop is very good at this time due to the abundance of water and timely rainfall and there is absolutely no complaint of diseases, which according to the farmers this time yield per acre estimated 1000 mund per acre to 1050 mund per acre and sugarcane crop stands in healthy condition, sowing is 23% lower but production per acre is expected to be 33% to 35% higher than last year. Estimated sugar can be 10% higher. Friends, we have an idea that ALLAH knows the best of the Lord, because ALLAH , the Exalted, has the power over everything.

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